Doppler ultrasound

Doppler ultrasound
a diagnostic technique that utilizes the fact that the frequency of sound or light waves changes when they are reflected from a moving surface (the Doppler effect). It is used to study the flow in blood vessels and the movement of blood in the heart. The frequency detector may be part of an ultrasound imaging probe, which displays an image of the anatomy on a monitor. Simultaneously the Doppler signal from a particular point on the ultrasound image can be displayed next to the anatomical position using a split screen (duplex imaging). Using electronic techniques, direction and velocity of blood flow can each be allocated different colours and displayed on a colour monitor over the anatomical image (colour flow ultrasound imaging). Power Doppler, a modification of this technique, is more sensitive at detecting flow but does not give information on direction of flow [J. Doppler (1803–53), Austrian physicist]

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